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3680 Alberni Hwy Qualicum Beach, British Columbia V9K 1X7.   

(250) 752-3663

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Cheeseburgers, Fries, and Milkshakes...

the stepping stones for a new and happy life

Our Origin Story

When I was a kid, my family spent quite a few summers packing up the ole station wagon and heading out for a multi-week camping experience.  From London, Ontario there was once that we drove all the way East, twice all the way West, once all the way to Florida, and multiple times to Muskoka.  Almost every time, we stopped in Orillia, ON at a place called Webers Burgers, and it was single handledly the greatest childhood experience I held onto.  Fast forward 20 years, and I graduate from the Stratford Chefs School and kick off an upscale culinary career in Vancouver chasing grandiose dreams.  But as we get older, our dreams shift.  I no longer wanted to chase a career in high end cookery; I just wanted to replicate my experience at Webers Burgers.  In doing so, Bigfoot Burgers was born.  A place built around simple food with a few tricks and techniques to separate us from the rest.  A place that provides a meeting spot for Whiskey Creek, but also a memorable stop for travelers to be repeated just once every few years, but being a highlight of the trip.  It's an opportunity to pay back the universe for that great memory growing up.  Hopefully you'll feel the same way too, and Bigfoot Burgers becomes the newest tradition for you and your family.

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  3680 Alberni Hwy Qualicum Beach, British Columbia V9K 1X7.    

OPEN thursday to monday, 11AM-7PM

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